Cobalt Bike Hub

Cobalt Bike Hub

Time: 8 a.m.-10 a.m.

The Cobalt Bike Hub is back open for FREE MOTs 

(1st Wednesday of the month) 

The FREE Bike MOTs are available to all Cobalt staff. Your bike will be checked and adjusted during your working day – simply drop it off at the Cobalt Bike Hub in the morning and collect it at lunchtime or at an agreed time.

Book your space here 

You will be issued with a detailed feedback form for your bike which will indicate the condition of specific components. 

Our fully-trained bike mechanic will now conduct MOTs in-house. This ensures that you can reach out to us anytime during the workweek for any bike-related issues

Please contact - Jonny@cobaltpark.co.uk

For more information on everything cycling contact the MORE team:

e: info@morecobalt.co.uk

t: 0191 257 6457


If your bike requires additional work that is not covered in the free service or requires additional parts etc. please contact one of our trusted partners and they will be happy to assist: 

CJ Performance Cycles 

CJ Performance Cycles Ltd,
2a Bassington Industrial Estate, Bassington Lane,
NE23 8AD.

tel: 01670 712 536
email: cramlington@cjperformancecycles.com

CJ Performance Cycles

CJ Performance Cycles Ltd,
Ground Floor Ringtons Tea Building,
St Marks Street,
NE6 2YN.

tel: 0191 276 0941
email: newcastle@cjperformancecycles.com


Thorneyford Farm
NE20 0AJ

Tel: 01661 825599
email: cycling@watbus.org.uk